Elder Ste’fan White

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Area..New Fun!

Well we're back again another monday! This week we spent alot of time doing service and I ve never been so tired! All the service payed off though we had a awesome baptism! She is one of my favorite converts if your allowed to have favorites. I am loving it here, the people arent as closed as in my last area and were having a bunch of success here! The ward is alot bigger than my last one but still pretty small. One thing I love here is that alot of the members love helping us with everything! They litterally fight over the Elders here! And thats not a joke. I sent like 30 times that scrípture but I would love to send it again. To send pictures takes so long here so I this week  will have to be a short letter so I can fit in the time to send some pics! Well hang in there madre and we ll talk next week! Oh yeah my comps name is Elder Summers from Morgan utah where that is I have no clue and as of 2 weeks I am officially no longer the only black (afro americano) Elder in the mission there are now 2 but I will always be the first #1! Love you and take care this week!

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