Elder Ste’fan White

Monday, June 27, 2011


Hey Im am good! The people get robbed all the time but nothin more ever happens! But anyways yeah everythings amazing here! We are having a lot of success now its s amazing. This month we did a pact where if we got our goal of baptisms for the month we had to shave our legs and as you can tell from the picture yeah we completed it! Not gonna lie weirdest thing I ve done but it was for a good purpose! Why are Austin and Just practicing with Capital? Please dont tell me they re going to go there! That would not be cool. Anyways so whats new? Why is everyone talking about Avery{s wedding? When is that suppose to be? What questions did you guys ask and I didnt answer that you want to know? So you gave a talk in the Spanish branch or is it a ward? Maybe next itme I could be your translator. But yeah so everthings going good here we ll talk to ya next week!


Elder White

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 20, 2011

Hey thats so cool that Matt got home last week. Tell him hi for me if you see him! Thats so weird that you met Elder Johnson. He's so cool! Its so crazy how small the world is. Today for our p day we played football and it was just like my our high school game against Hillcrest, rainy and muddy. But that's not all one of the Elders that we played with Elder Oswald, was the tight end for Hillcrest in that state game. How random huh? Even tho he's from that pathetic school me and him are actually really cool. Who would have ever guessed that? Not me! But yeah I ve met alot of people who we have some weird ties in together but never actually knew each other!  Well yeah everythings going good here, Just working to marry this couple so the whole family of 6 can be baptized this week.  Alot of work and a lot of money! Anyways love ya guys and talk to ya later!


Elder White

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Area..New Fun!

Well we're back again another monday! This week we spent alot of time doing service and I ve never been so tired! All the service payed off though we had a awesome baptism! She is one of my favorite converts if your allowed to have favorites. I am loving it here, the people arent as closed as in my last area and were having a bunch of success here! The ward is alot bigger than my last one but still pretty small. One thing I love here is that alot of the members love helping us with everything! They litterally fight over the Elders here! And thats not a joke. I sent like 30 times that scrípture but I would love to send it again. To send pictures takes so long here so I this week  will have to be a short letter so I can fit in the time to send some pics! Well hang in there madre and we ll talk next week! Oh yeah my comps name is Elder Summers from Morgan utah where that is I have no clue and as of 2 weeks I am officially no longer the only black (afro americano) Elder in the mission there are now 2 but I will always be the first #1! Love you and take care this week!