Elder Ste’fan White

Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 4th

Hey whats going on fam? Yes mom oh course I am still having fun! You know how I can always find a way to amuse myself. Wow today is July 4th whoa I just barely realized what that means. Well there were no fireworks here to remind me. Actually thats pretty weird because everyday I hear fireworks but for some reason not today, interesting thought! So I got the package and thanks alot! I am enjoying frying my poptarts in a pan because toasters dont exist here haha but literally! Thats cool about Dj I actually got an email from him. He seems like hes doing good.  We have a bunch of work here for us! We are teaching a few complete families again and its amazing. This week were finally going to marry this couple named Narcizo and Ana. Last week we baptized a few of their kids and hopefully them this week! Yeah we ve found some sweet new investigators last week. The first time we went with them there were a mom and her 3 daughters and the daughters of one of her daughter. Than we went back the second time and this time the mom of the mom was there and her sister (the first mom) the point is its a bunch of families! It was amazing cause me and a kid thats getting ready for the mission were doing splits and were teaching them and we taught them the plan and invited them all to be baptized and all of them accepted so we got even more work now with them! It was an amazing week! Hope you guys had a great July 4th and I ll talk to ya next week!


Elder WHite

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